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Levi Blankenheim

My name is Levi

I'm job searching as a graduate of University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

About Me I've always strived to learn hands-on and have learned a lot through building desktops and building programs. Growing up in a small town, I discovered a burgeoning passion for coding and computer science during my high school years, especially as part of the robotics club. I'm fairly good with Javascript and Python, and I've been studying Java and C# for years. I am committed to leveraging my skills to innovate and revitalize outdated software applications, and I can't resist the opportunity to construct software that meets the unique needs of individuals and communities.

I'm Currently

Searching for jobs... I want a job that will fuel my learning and allow me to utilize my skills as a software developer.

My Skills

Postman API
Agile Methodologies
Time Management

Projects Here, you will find some of the side projects I've made. Typically, these will end up being solutions to problems I find I have regularly.

Gym Statistics Website Screenshot

UWW Gym Statistics

This was a small project I worked on. I was fed up trying to find the best times to go to the gym at my university, so I made my own stat tracker.

Database Management (Carshop)

With the help of a partner, we created a database in MySQL for use in Java-based software where users can choose between available cars and add/remove/update their shopping cart. Users can also preview an image of each vehicle (Bing Image Search API). Functionality also includes comparing cars inside their cart.

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Embeded Systems (Ready-Set-Time)

I used two Arduinos communicating through I2C to develop a motion-activated timer. Lights/speakers on the device would alert the user when the timer starts/stops.

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Knowledgebase Website Screenshot

Software Engineering (Knowledgebase)

Created a Knowledge Base system with a team that doesn't follow a specific theme. Knowledge Base is set up as a wiki site using a custom C# database along with a custom React UI. The system stores markdown files on the backend server features a login system with tokens through custom C# WebAPI, and uses directory/file scanning for front-side results.